Our baby Pegasus is 100 foot, separated into 3-stories:

The roof, with its outdoor facilities, is equipped with a barbeque pit, water resistant sofa, table and a open jacuzzi, its open space allows for a barbeque session, you can also enjoy the visual rush from dusk to dawn in the jacuzzi.

The middle level is the main area, including the living room, kitchen, dining area, the control room and 2 living quarters for our staffs; situated on the left of the dining area, is a Hall of Fame of our Team Elite Pegasus. In front of the control room is the deck where you can view the endless horizon, seeing where the sky connects with the sea while seated here will make you feel like you can control everything in the palm of your hands

The basement is for accommodation and lodging, with two luxurious double bed suites, two single bed suites, each with their own luxurious bathroom amenities. Aboard the yacht, our service personnel will prepare everything for you because we believe that the people aboard are worth only the best.

Other than that, the Baby Pegasus provides a jet ski, banana boat, inflatable rafts, life jackets and other water activity amenities, it’s definitely a huge temptation for those who love the water sports.

The captain and crew mans the yacht and maintains it, keeping it in a tip top condition to always provide our Team Elite Pegasus and their guests the best service.

The Baby Pegasus is the “Son of the Pegasus” that belongs solely to our Team Elite Pegasus, no one can resist its unique charms, from the external to its interior facilities, everything is specifically catered for our Team Elite Pegasus. Designed with sincerity, created by heart; it gives you the feeling of being exclusively cared for, the moment you step onboard, don’t miss the chance of owning it, it will always be waiting for you at the edge of the sea….